Best Callaway Pre-Owned Golf Clubs: Drivers

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Purchasing new golf clubs can be an expensive propositions. A new full set of golf clubs from a leading brand can run close to $2000 . Many of us when shopping for new clubs operate on a strict budget which places these new clubs with the latest tech out of our price range  Callaway Golf has provided a great alternative in Callaway Golf Pre-Owned clubs. They provide us the option to buy recent model clubs that are pre-owned at up to 50-75% discount from the original retail price.  Buying pre-owned can be a scary proposition because you never know what kind of quality you will get. This is why Callaway has gone to extreme measures to put the consumer at ease. Let’s have a look at the steps they have taken to instill confidence in a pre-owned purchase.

Certificate of Authenticity: Callaway Golf’s unwavering commitment to innovation and the creation of new golf technologies is well-established. Because of the company’s success in producing easy to use, forgiving golf clubs for every player, there are many imitations. But you can shop confidently with Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, knowing that Callaway Golf puts its stamp of approval only on Certified Pre-Owned products. To demonstrate that trust, every Certified Pre-Owned club you buy will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Callaway Golf.

Guaranteed Performance: Every Certified Pre-Owned club you buy is backed by Callaway Golf, which means you can shop with the confidence that you’re getting the best possible quality. They will  guarantee that the condition of the club you get will match what was represented online. If you disagree, no problem. Send it back for a 100% refund of the purchase price. If, during the first 15 days following the receipt of the purchase, you wish to return any product in the exact condition that you received it (has not been played with), a 100% refund will be given for the price you paid for the product.

Price Protection Guarantee: If the price of a product on is lowered within 14 days from the original purchase date of the same product, they will provide a price adjustment (i.e. a partial refund) at your request. The price protection adjustment will equal the difference between the original product purchase price and the lowered, or promotional price, of the same product.

Buy It, Then Try It: See something you like but not sure it’s the club for you? They offer the ability to purchase any club today, and then try it in real-world conditions for up to 90 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, they will buy it back from you for a preset value. Please note that it is not a cash refund, and is only store credit to be re-used at Callaway Pre-Owned. The buy-back is based on the length of time you have played the club.

  • 30 Days = 90% Buy Back
  • 31-60 Days = 80% Buy Back
  • 61-90 Days = 70 % Buy Back

10 Point Inspection: Callaway Golf Pre-Owned preform the below 10 point inspection on clubs sold through Callaway Golf Pre-Owned.

  1. Structural integrity of head
  2. Cosmetic evaluation / clean-up
  3. Proper length
  4. Proper loft
  5. Serial number authentication
  6. Structural integrity of shaft
  7. Grip replacement
  8. Proper lie
  9. Proper swing-weight
  10. Field test

12 Month Warranty: The promise of a great Certified Pre-Owned club doesn’t stop when you hit the course. Just like any new Callaway Golf product, a Certified Pre-Owned club comes with a warranty against defects. That means if something happens to your club that is directly related to an original manufacturing defect, they will fix or replace it. No questions asked.

Trade In Trade Up: For those of you who are existing Callaway club players, you can trade in your existing clubs for a rebate towards your new purchase. Think of it as the trade in value of your old car, when you make a new purchase. For the full details of which clubs qualify for this offer see their rules here.

Simple, Flat-Rate Shipping: It can be frustrating when a good deal ends up not so great once shipping and tax is factored in. Callaway have streamlined the ordering process to provide a simple, up-front purchasing experience. No matter how many items you order, ship everything within the contiguous 48 United States for the flat rate of $9.95 per order. It’s that simple. Plus, all purchases are sales tax free when shipped outside the states of Texas and California.

Online Customization: You have the power to change nearly any specification to meet your exact needs. Just click “Customize” before you add your purchase to Cart

Free Headcover: A free headcover is included with every Callaway Golf driver, fairway wood or hybrid purchase.

Now that we have established why you should buy a pre-owned club through Callaway, we can look at which clubs to buy. In this installment of this series we will look at the 5 best Callaway Pre-Owned Drivers. You can have a look at the other articles in this series below:

Irons: Best Callway Pre-Owned Golf Clubs: Iron Sets

5. XR

This Callaway XR driver is the oldest model we find on our top 5 list. The XR driver was released in early 2015 as a replacement for the extremely popular X2 Hot drivers. Since its release the XR series has become one of Callaway’s most successful brands.The irons and drivers have been widely embraced by pros and high-handicappers, to make it one of the best sellers for Callaway

In 2015 the Callaway XR set the bar on ball speeds through two new technologies at the time. The R-Moto club face, and the Speed Step Crown.

The R-Moto club face technology was designed to reduce the club face weight through a thinner material. The thinner club face allowed for more energy transfer, and enabled Callaway put the center of gravity (CG) 17% lower than the previous X2 Hot model. This club face has also been used in the Great Big Bertha, and the newer XR 16 model. This driver was also the first to incorporate the Speed Step Crown. To reduce drag and maximize speed through the swing Callaway created a raised design to better the airflow over the club. The design combined with the aerodynamic head shape created a breakthrough for Callaway in this area. The Speed Step Crown technology has become a staple for all Callaway Drivers, and is still found in the latest Callaway drivers, including the newly released Callaway Epic.

The XR series is now well known for its red and blue color scheme. In the original XR driver model the sole of the club has a very race car look. The XR logo sits in the middle of the sole, with red and blue stripes flaring off to the sides. The head of the crown is a nice flat black matte finish, so no worries about any glare coming off the club. The Chevron logo works well with the Speed Step to identify the sweet spot of the club.

The XR Pro was released later in the year, and possess a smaller head (440cc, as opposed to 460 cc on the XR) for a more aerodynamic crown shape. Strangely absent on the XR Pro is the Speed Step found on the XR. In a side by side comparison the XR Pro crown is noticeably smaller. This will appeal to the lower handicap player, but the more robust crown of the XR is going to appeal to the greater masses.

The stock shaft is the Project X LZ 50. The LZ stands for “loading zone” and it is designed to be softer in flex to help golfers generate maximized shaft load. On Callaway Golf Pre-Owned you will find a few other shaft options, but the majority of the “like new” to “very good” conditions will have the Project X LZ stock shaft.

The driver is available in 9, 10.5, 12, and 13.5 degree lofts. Callaway has recently shifted away from the 12 degree lofted driver, and has stuck to the other 3 offerings. The OptiFit Hosel allows you to adjust the loft in a 3 degree range (+2/-1). For more details on the OptiFit Hosel have a look at the video that is part of the Great Big Bertha Review.

There are certainly better drivers available than the XR on Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. This is not a case of the XR being a bad club, it is just being passed by newer models with better tech in it. There would need to be a drastic price difference for us to pick this driver over, some of the other options on this list. If the price is relativity the same we would splurge the extra few dollars for a newer model. Have a look at the below link to see the prices on the XR, and then compare it against what some of the drivers higher on this list are going for.

Check Prices On Callaway XR Driver

4.Great Big Bertha

The Big Bertha brand name had been synonymous with distance since its original release in 1991. It was the flagship brand for Callaway for many years, and in 2014 Callaway went back to the popular brand name. A year later they released the Callaway Great Big Bertha which is the latest model of its name. Like its predecessors this driver is all about hitting it long. Its motto is “leave no yards behind”, and it certainly does that.

The most influential technology in the Great Big Bertha is the R-Moto club face. To get every possible yard out of your driver you need more speed. The R-Moto technology allows for a thinner club face, which creates higher ball speeds across the entire club face. For those of you who are not scratch golfers that extra speed is really going to help on mishits. Through the use of composite materials the Great Big Bertha also benefits from a light chassis. This once again increases club head speed through the aerodynamics of the light crown of the club. The other key piece of technology in this club is the Adjustable Perimeter Weighting. This is a movable 10.5 gram weight placed between the hosel, and the back of the club. The weight can easily be moved from heel to toe to adjust for fade, or draw tendencies.

Rick Shiels did a wonderful comparison of this club versus the original Great Big Bertha from 1997. In comparison the 2015 version of the Great Big Bertha was 40 yards longer, than the original. The difference in forgiveness was also quite staggering. It is a remarkable head to head comparison to really show how far drivers have come in the last 10 years.

An important factor for many golfers is the sound the ball makes off a club. The Great Big Bertha has been praised in this department. The sound is muted, but provides a solid and full ping upon impact. Sound is tied into the golfers impression of how well they have hit the ball. The sound coming off this driver gives you the impression the ball is absolutely launching off the club face. It is truly one of the best sounds off a driver in any club on the market.

Callaway is known for having a simple yet edgy look to their drivers. In the Callaway Great Big Bertha the simple is achieved with the matte black finish of the crown, which is similarly found in the XR and XR Pro models. It poses a deep club face (but not as deep as the XR Pro or Double Black Diamond) which makes the toe of the club slightly higher. The edge comes when you flip the club over. The club has a sharp red and black color scheme, with a lightning bolt design to emphasis the speed element of the club. The APW weight stands out with its red chrome finish. The design won’t be for everyone, but we are a big fan of the color scheme and design of this club. It really pops when you pull off the head cover, and is a club the screams hit me!

The Great Big Bertha was sold upon launch with the option of 19 no up charge shafts. For this reason you will find a wide variety of different shafts on Callaway Golf Pre Owned. The 4 stock shafts are Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara , Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black, Fujikura Evolution 665 Tour Spec, and Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ 70. If you are a senior golfer, and need a light shaft the Mistubishi Bassara is the lightest option in the 40 gram range. The heaviest option is the Mistubishi Diamana which comes in the 70 gram range. Most golfers will want something in the mid-range. The Mistubishi Kuro Kage comes in the 50 gram range, while the Fujikura Speeder Evolution is the 60 gram option. If you are looking for a more premium shaft have a look at the Aldia Rogue I/O (it comes in 60 and 70 gram options, so have a look what is currently available through the check prices link below).

The club is sold in 3 different standard lofts 9, 10.5 and 13.5. It does possess the Callaway Advanced OptiFit Hosel which allows you to adjust the loft in a 3 degree range (+2/-1). Below is a great video to help fit the club to your specifications.

The Great Big Bertha is a club that is going to appeal to the majority of golfers. This driver is designed to improve three things golfers struggle with: ball speed, launch angle and direction. The reality is that most golfers are looking to improve one of these three things, if not all three. The club retailed for $449 USD upon its launch. Taking the pre-owned route we can now get our hands on this club for as low as $150 in “Like New” condition. That is a deal that can’t be beaten. With the numerous range of shafts this club is available in, you will find a perfect combo to best fit you. Do yourself a favor and check out the latest prices at the link below, to see what great deals are currently available.

Check Prices on Callaway Great Big Bertha

3. Big Bertha Fusion

The Big Bertha Fusion was launched in September 2016 with one goal in mind, maximum forgiveness. Callaway clearly identify its market with this driver, and it’s geared towards accuracy. This certainly is not a driver that is going to appeal to the tour pro. But, every day weekend golfers are going to love what this driver can do for the consistency of their game.

The Big Bertha Fusion gets its name from the pairing of an aerospace-grade titanium Exo-Cage, and an ultra light triaxial carbon crown.  The fusion of these materials allowed Callaway to position more weight in the perimeter. Placing it further back from the club face. This creates maximized forgiveness in the club. This exo-skelton carbon composite crown was such an advancement in development that Callaway retain this tech in their newest 2017 model the Callaway Epic.

It terms of appearance that first thing that pops out about this driver is the triangular pointy shape of the crown. For those accustomed to the more common bubble shaped crowned this will take some time to get adjusted to. Callaway brand loyalist will remember a similar design back in 2010 with the Callaway FT-iZ. Visually the club at address looks sleeker which give you a feeling of more speed. This was one of the choices we found surprising. A bigger crown would give the visual impression of a more stable forgiving club. Which is exactly what this driver wants to portray. It wasn’t the most popular choice as Callaway returned to a more traditional shape in the Callaway Epic. The elements that do work is the gorgeous glossy black fade to a carbon fiber design. That designed remained popular with consumers, and was retained in the Epic. The club also takes from the XR16 with the Boeing inspired Speed Step to help with airflow over the club. The red and black color scheme is similar to the Great Big Bertha, with a more traditional sole design.

One of the unique offerings the Big Bertha Fusion provided to maximize forgiveness was the release of a 44.5” stock shaft. Any reputable fitter will tell you that a shorter shaft will provide you with better control. The sacrifice here is distance, but if you are looking at this club distance is secondary to forgiveness. MyGolfSpy did an excellent head to head comparison between the 45.5” and 44.5” shafts. The test confirms what we expected in increased accuracy for the 44.5 shaft, you can read the full results here. If your goal is to hit more consistent fairways to set up your iron shots then we would highly recommend going with the 44.5” shaft option. If you are looking for these shafts on Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, look under “length” and the shafts listed as –1 in.

As with many of the newest models of Callaway drivers it is available in 3 different standard lofts 9, 10.5 and 13.5. It does possess the popular OptiFit Hosel which allows to shift that loft even further.

What we love about this driver is how Callaway has really zeroed in on customizing it to the target market. They have tailored it to make it the most forgiving club possible. They understand that some golfers are more than willing to sacrifice a few yards off their drive, if it means that drive is more consistently in the middle of the fairway. If that forgiveness and consistency is what you are looking for in a driver, then look no further this is the driver for you. As this is still a fairly new model you are going to find plenty of stock, and options. Check out the latest prices on Callaway Golf Pre-Owned below.

Check Prices On Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

2. Great Big Bertha Epic

Early in 2017 Callaway launched their latest driver in the heralded Great Big Bertha line, the Epic. It didn’t take long for the buzz on this club to catch like wild fire. It is one thing to build hype, and it is another thing to deliver on it. This driver has done exactly that.

Callaway has been known as a company who has pushed the limits of technology to achieve maximum distance. Their latest breakthrough innovation comes in the form of their Jailbreak Technology. This new technology has Callaway placing two 3g titanium bars behind the face of the club. What this does is create a strong vertical connection between the crown and the sole. This prevents both the crown, and sole from bulging on impact. Which results in nearly double the impact load on the club face. This simply equates to more energy transferred onto the ball at impact, creating incredible ball speeds. Those ball speeds when tested resulted on average 5 mph, and 11 yards of distance more than other big brand drivers.


Like the previous version of The Great Big Bertha (launched in 2015, #4 on this list), the Epic has retained the popular Adjustable Perimeter Weight. In the Epic the weight has increased to a 17 gram (up from 10.5 grams) sliding weight, giving you an even greater expansive range in your shot shaping customization (up to 21 yards of shot shaping correction).

If you have read our list from the top, and made it this far you are probably tired of reading about thinner club faces, lessening the weight of the crown, and lowering the CG. The reality is that every club from every brand will stake a claim to doing this. The reason being is that it is the formula to achieving greater distance. This is why club designers are always trying to achieve breakthroughs in these areas from year to year. If we look at the Epic in comparison to its predecessor the XR 16, the crown of the club is 64% lighter, due to the new Exo-Cage and Triaxial Carbon construction. The Triaxial Carbon covers the crown resulting in it weighing just 9.7 grams, which is Callaway’s lightest crown ever created.  The Great Big Bertha Epic certainly has achieved what it aimed for in progressing from the previous models to once again produce a club that pushes the limits of the present technology. The results are as the tagline promotes, “Epic distance for every player”.

The Great Big Bertha Epic may take the cake as the most gorgeous looking driver ever created by Callaway. If ever a club could be sexy, this is what it would look like. From address the club has a great looking shape. The crown of the club fades from a glossy block, to a carbon fiber. We saw this same design in the Big Bertha Fusion. It also has the Boeing inspired Speed Step that we first saw on the XR16, which helps to smooth airflow over the head to reduce friction. The sole of the club is equally as impressive. The electric green and black color scheme pops. It fits with the vibrant colors that many of the young pros are opting for today. Finally you will also see the ends of the titanium bars from the Jailbreak Technology so you know exactly where those lie on the club. Callaway is going to be hard press to make a better looking driver in the future, as the Epic has set a high bar.

There are currently no premium upcharge shafts available for the Great Big Bertha Epic. It is only available in 4 stock shafts. Those shafts are the following. The Mitsubishi Diamana presents the low end with 40 or 50 gram shaft options. In the mid-range you have a choice of either the Project X HZRDUS T800 at 50g, or the Fujikura Pro at 60g. The heaviest shaft options is the Aldila Rogue M*AX, which is available in 60 or 70g. Like the 2015 Great Big Bertha the club is sold in 3 different lofts, 9 10.5, and 13.5. It also possess the same OptiFit Hosel which will allow additional loft customization (for more details see the video in the Great Big Bertha review)

There are two models for the Great Big Bertha Epic, the standard, and the Sub Zero. The main difference is the Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero does not come with the Adjustable Perimeter Weight. If you do not have any draw, or slice tendencies and you are looking for a little less spin, and increased trajectory control, then the Sub Zero may be your preferred option. In general the standard model will appeal to about 80% of the consumers, and the Sub Zero should only be looked at by premium players.

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic is the most technically advanced driver in Callaway’s stable. It will produce the most club speed, and generate the greatest distance from a Callaway driver. It has been Callaway most highly decorated, and reviewed club of the past decade. Even non Callaway brand loyalist have found themselves coming over to Callaway, just for a chance to hit this club. It is as close to a flawless driver as Callaway has ever produced. The only thing holding this back from being the #1 driver on the list is the current price point. As this club gets older, and the price point drops this driver will undoubtedly be on the top of the list.  As the newest driver manufactured by Callaway you are going to find a ton of stock, and choices in the “Like New” condition at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned.  Once the price drops it is a no brainer, this is the Callaway driver you want. Have a look at the link below to see if the latest prices have fallen within your budget.

Check Prices On Great Big Bertha Epic

1. XR 16

This is the best bang for your buck driver available at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. Released in 2016 it is not the newest model on this list, but in our opinion it is the best performing club when also taking into factor price. This club was heralded upon its release, and was extremely popular amongst weekend golfers, and pros. It’s the driver Henrik Stenson used to win the 2016 Open, in that duel for the ages with Phil Mickelson. It’s also the driver used by Danny Willet to win his first ever major at the 2016 Masters. Two majors in the year it was released, I think we can say that is a pretty successful driver.

Callaway made a leap forward with their newest model of the XR driver by teaming up with Boeing to re-shape the aerodynamics of the club. The collaboration with the aircraft designer achieved a completely new threshold of club speed. The new design created high club head speed, with incredibly low drag. This was achieved by re-designing the size and placement of the Speed Step. The previous model of the Callaway XR had a Speed Step, but Boeing helped re-engineer the design on the XR16 to save weight and add more speed.

Callaway did not stop there when looking to increase speed with this driver. They took their ever popular and effective R-Moto Face Technology, and made it even better. This was achieved by making the already ridiculous thin club face 20% thinner than all previous models.

The tagline for this driver is “Fast Meets Forgiveness”. We highlighted the partnership with Boeing to show how the fast element was created. For the forgiveness of the club this is attributed to the unique shape of the crown. Callaway has elongated the head in order to optimize the MOI of the driver. Due to its shape they were able to place the center of gravity of the club head to a lower and deeper position. In the past the trade-off to this type of design was distance, but through the collaboration with Boeing, Callaway has addressed this problem. The result is a remarkably forgiving club, that possess the speed of some of the top drivers on the market.

This driver does not have the weighting adjust ability that some of the other clubs on this list possess. Therefore, it is important to note that this driver does have a draw bias. In simplest terms, if you’re slicing the ball, you are going to love what this club can do for your ball flight.  The noticeable bulge in the heel tells you that there’s more weight there.  This shifts the center of gravity towards the heel and makes more of the club face behave like a toe hit. Meaning a gear effect that causes draws.  Players who already hit draws and hooks will want to steer away from this driver, and have a closer look at some of the drivers with the adjustable perimeter weighting.

The XR 16 went back to the well-received red and blue color scheme of the previous XR model. The big difference on the sole of the club are the ridges that run from the front to the back of the club. This look fits very well with the aerodynamic design Callaway is trying to achieve with the XR 16. The ridges are purely cosmetic, and don’t do anything to increase the speed of the club.

The crown of the club has a clean black matte finish. The Speed Step is done with two grey lines done in the same shape as the step itself. When you rub your fingers over the step you can feel it, so it is not a gradual step. In the middle of the grey bars is the classic Callaway chevron done as an alignment marker. The look of the Speed Step was received with such great popularity that Callaway retained it on the Epic.

The thing that is going to jump out the most about the appearance of the club at address is the elongated shape. This look may take some getting used to for those accustomed to a more traditional bubble shape. The big footprint of the driver does a great job of instilling confidence for higher handicaps as the shape screams forgiveness. Lower handicappers that don’t need that maximum forgiveness will be more drawn to the shape of the XR16 Pro or the limited edition XR Sub Zero.

The XR 16 Pro is designed for higher handicappers looking for a lower launch angle, and spin rate. It does possess a smaller head size at 450cc, in comparison to the 460cc of the standard model. The club is not as forgiving as the standard model, and also has much less of the draw bias of the standard XR16. There is also a limited edition XR 16 Sub-Zero. The Sub-Zero comes in even smaller at 440cc. We would not recommend it unless you are pushing a pro level type of play.

The standard lofts of the club is 9, 10.5 and 13.5. As with all drivers your swing speed should dictate the loft you are looking at. Low swing speeds (85 mph or less), should be looking at the 13.5 loft. Mid swing speeds (between 95-105 mph) should have a look at the 10.5 loft. Anyone with a speed swing higher than 105 mph should be looking at the 9 degree loft. Like the other drivers on this list it has the OptiFit Hosel. The OptiFit is so import for proper fitting that it deserves the constant mention.

The Standard shaft on the XR 16 is Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565, and the majority of the clubs found on Callaway Golf Pre-Owned will possess this shaft.

If price is not an issue, then drop down to the #2 club on the list. The Callaway Epic is the superior driver in terms of performance. But, our guess if you are shopping pre-owned you have a set budget, and are looking for a discount off the original retail price of the driver. The Epic, has not been on the market long enough for it to achieve a major drop in price, whereas the XR16 has. With many players looking to upgrade to the Callaway Epic, we have an opportunity to grab this incredible performing club for close to 50% off its original retail price. When we factor in the driver’s performance, its ringing endorsements from amateurs to top pros, combined with the price it makes the XR 16 the best callaway pre-owned driver currently available. Check out the ridiculous low prices on this fantastic club at the below link.

Check Prices On Callaway XR 16 Driver

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