5 Best Cooler Golf Bags To Keep Your Beers Cold

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We have all been there. A terrible front nine leads us to only wanting one thing at the turn, a cold beer. There is nothing worse than finding those cold beers you brought from home, are now warm. That horrible front nine, just became a lot worse as you struggle to down a non-refreshing beer. Let’s be honest for many of us the best the metal in our bag is not our irons, but the cold beers we put in our bag. But, if these cans cannot stay cold it defeats the whole purpose of bring along those beers. Luckily for us technology has once again come to the rescue by inserting full coolers into our golf bags. Don’t be confused here we are not talking about the standard isolated sleeve that can hold one, maybe 2 cans. We are talking about a full cooler pocket that fits a minimum of 6 cans, up to 18 full size 12 ounce cans. Sadly when purchasing a new golf bag this feature has become one of the big factors in which bag we choose. Your secret is safe with us, and we have done the dirty work for you in finding the 5 best cooler golf bags.

5. TaylorMade Supreme

The cooler on this bag is average for the size of this bag. It will fit 4-5 12 ounce cans. The import feature of the cooler pocket is that it does possess a drain port. Some of the coolers do not have drain ports which does not allow the moisture or excess liquids to filter out. There are 10 pockets, including two micro suede lined valuable pockets that provide protection for electronics and valuables. It has a 15 way top divider but only 4 are full length. This is a very durable bag with a quality tarpaulin reinforced pass through strap for carts, that prevents wear and tear. It also has a 10 coil strength zipper on the pockets.

The pockets are zip off, in case you want to embroider them with personalize touches. It  can be used as an over the shoulder bag, but is recommend for cart use. The TaylorMade Supreme comes in 5 different colors including the sweet looking white version shown above.


4. Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Cart Bag

If you are not looking to break the bank with your cooler golf bag. Then have a look at the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 2 Cart Bag. It has a good size cooler that will fit 6 12 ounce, so it has the required cooler size we want. This is a 14-way divider bag with a velcro integrated towel ring. It also has a cart strap loop, and a thick padded single carry strap, making this good for both cart and carry use.

This bag retails for more than half the price of the other name brand bags on this list. It also comes in 5 different colors, so you are sure to find a color that suits your style.


3. Callaway Golf 2017 Org 15 or 14

The Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 has both the cooler pocket, and an additional cooler sleeve. You can fit 9-12, 12 ounce cans in the main cooler pocket depending how tightly you want to pack it in. Another 2-3 fit in the sleeve pocket, which gives it more storage area than a standard cooler bag. If you opt for bottles over cans, the bag has a multi-function bottle opener, that also acts as an accessory hook. The main drawback on the cooler side for the Org 14 is its lack of a drain hole. As the name suggest it is a 14-way full length divider bag. The bag has 10 total pockets, including a water resistant velour lined pocket for valuables. An integrated umbrella holder also comes in very handy. As well, it has a nice exterior slot for your tees, that make them easily accessible. Some minor complaints revolve around the lack of velcro for your glove, and no pen holder. If those elements are important take this into consideration.

If size matters to you, then look no further than the Callaway Golf 2017 Org 15 Cart Bag. It has a full size thermal-lined cooler pocket than can hold up to 18 full size cans. Making it easily the largest golf bag cooler pocket on the market. There is also drain holes allowing air flow into the pocket to minimize the moisture build up from ice or condensation. The Org 15 means it is a 15-way full length divider bag, and has 12 total pockets. One of those pockets is a magnetic valuables pocket which has had consistent negative feedback. It rarely stays close, and most consumers find it useless and an extreme hassle. This bag can get quite bulky, and it can affect its balance when trying to stand the bag upright. There has been various complaints of the bag not being able to stand up right, so it is highly recommended for cart users only. It only comes in 3 colors, so if you are looking for something more stylish the Org 14 may be a better option.


2. Bag Boy Chiller Cart or Hybrid.

The Bag Boy Chiller Cart takes the cooler element one step further. This cooler pocket can be removed from the bag itself. That makes it a breeze to clean, which can be somewhat of a hassle with some of the other cooler options. The cooler size can fit six 12 ounce cans in it. It comes equipped with 12 total pockets, including a fleece lined valuables pocket, and oversized ball and apparel pockets. The cart bag is a 15 way top with full length individual dividers. Top-Lok Technology is a an innovative bag to cart attachment designed to securely lock the bag to a push cart. This prevents the bag from twisting or turning, and eliminates the need for cart straps. This will only work though if you have a Bag Boy cart (TwiSwivel II, Compact 3 or Quad XL). The feature is useless if you have a non Bag Boy push cart. A word of warning there have been some feedback that the zippers on the bag are of poor quality, and consumers having issues with them upon their first use.

The Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid is an alternative for those looking for a carry bag with a cooler in it. It has the same removable cooler as the Chiller Cart, but the size of the cooler is smaller fitting only 4 twelve ounce cans. The cooler pocket does have a drain port. As oppose to the chiller cart it only has a 14 way divider, and has two less pockets. The Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid is a single strap shoulder bag, which may be a deal breaker for those who prefer a backpack style carry bag.


1. Ping Pioneer 2017

As a strict cooler golf bag the Ping Pioneer would likely rank behind both the Bag Boy and Callaway options. The Callaway bags have it beat in capacity, and the Bag Boy in terms of the innovation of the cooler. The Ping Pioneer is widely considered one of the best golf bags on the market bar none. It just happens to also have a cooler in it. So, if you are looking for the best golf bag that also has a cooler pocket, this would be it.

The Ping Pioneer cooler pocket will easily fit 6 12 ounce cans with ice packs. One slight drawback is that it does lack a drain hole for the built up moisture and condensation. It is a 15 way full length divider bag. It has 11 total pockets. Including 2 large apparel, and 2 velour lined valuable pockets. Unlike the Callaway Org 15 which experienced problems with its magnetic pocket. The Ping Pioneer has drawn rave reviews for their version. The innovative pocket is most commonly used for a range finder, and opens effortless with a single finger. There is also a pocket that grants you access to the bottom of the dividers in case anything falls into it. This prevents you from having to empty and tip the bag over to get what you dropped.

Like the TaylorMade Supreme it features a zip off ball pocket panel that can be customized. Two of the major gripes customers had about the TaylorMade Supreme, the lack of a velcro strap and pen holder are both available in the Ping Pioneer. It also includes many of the highlight features from the other bags like a dedicated umbrella sleeve, a towel ring, pass-thru cart straps, and integrated lift handles. There is really not a single thing this bag missed. It is as a complete of a golf bag as you are going to find on the market.

The bag comes in 5 different colors all which can all be  found on Amazon. The three different black and blue versions of this bag are very sharp, and those would be our recommend choice of color.


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